If You’ve Got Extra Bandwidth, Path Will Pay You for It — Seriously

Homeowners and businesses alike frequently pay higher internet bills to increase their bandwidth capacity. While it’s true that more bandwidth is generally better (especially for tech-heavy companies or households where multiple people use the internet at the same time), more often than not, there are plenty of moments throughout the day where much of that bandwidth goes unused.

The thing is, you still pay for that extra bandwidth, whether you use it or not. So wouldn’t it be nice to get compensated in some way when you aren’t using your bandwidth’s maximum capacity? Path, an innovative blockchain-powered startup, seeks to do exactly that.

Rather than letting your unused bandwidth go to waste, Path’s program basically boils down to paying users to “rent” their extra bandwidth. Here’s a closer look at how this exciting platform could help you monetize your internet use.

If You’ve Got Extra Bandwidth, Path Will Pay You for It — Seriously

Why would anyone want my extra bandwidth?

The internet drives business in today’s global economy. Having an attractive, functional website devoid of operational problems is a must-have for pretty much every company. This makes continual performance auditing and monitoring a top priority for many tech-savvy businesses.

From ensuring that web pages are loading in a reasonable amount of time to mitigating DDoS attacks, web managers require a lot of information to keep everything up and running.

While these intricate details may not seem like a big deal at first glance, they can have a significant impact on a company’s finances — in fact, research has found that “47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less,” with even a minor delay rapidly reducing conversion rates.

The problem is that companies don’t have an easy way to test if their website loads at the same speed for users in different parts of the country. They can’t just call you up and ask you to load their homepage 50 times and keep track of how long it takes.

This is where Path comes in. Path essentially acts as the middleman by renting out a user’s unused bandwidth. Activated via a browser plugin or mobile app, this system then conducts tests in the background without disrupting your normal web browsing experience.

Monitoring tasks are completed and information is securely processed using blockchain technology to fulfill client requests — all without any effort on your part. When a client request comes in, Path’s mining nodes automatically complete the task using your available bandwidth.

How do I get ‘paid’ for renting my bandwidth?

When most people hear the term “blockchain,” they likely think of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that have disrupted marketplaces across the globe. Path’s system takes advantage of blockchain technology to facilitate the collection and aggregation of data, but it also uses this tech to facilitate payments to those who rent their bandwidth.

As Path uses your bandwidth to monitor performance metrics on behalf of its clients, it provides payments for completed tasks in the form of tokens. The type of job completed by the nodes will affect how many tokens you earn for each task.

Because Path mining nodes rely on blockchain technology, you can have confidence that you will be fairly and transparently compensated for all tasks that are completed using your rented bandwidth.

Best of all, receiving payments doesn’t require any effort beyond activating Path’s mining nodes via the smartphone app or browser plugin. These nodes will quietly generate passive income for you, providing extra revenue that you can use for your own digital needs. Users can then monitor their earnings or exchange their tokens for other services by logging into their Path Panel.

If you don’t want to “rent” your extra bandwidth during a particular time (such as when you know you’ll be using a lot of data), you can simply turn off the plugin, deactivating Path’s mining nodes until you are ready to rent again.

In this sense, Path operates very similarly to other “sharing economy” companies like Lyft or Airbnb — you only have to share when you feel like it (though the more you do, the more you earn).

Monetizing the internet

In a day and age when over 44 million Americans use a side hustle to help make ends meet, wouldn’t it be nice to increase your earnings without having to lift a finger?

With Path, that’s exactly what you get. By allowing Path to utilize your extra bandwidth to run tests on behalf of its clients, you can earn tokens while you sit back and watch your favorite show on Netflix.

By earning cryptocurrency tokens through Path, you can become more actively engaged in the emerging crypto market. While your local grocery store might still only accept payments via cash or credit card, getting involved in cryptocurrency now will make it that much easier to navigate international transactions and other major purchases. In our increasingly global society, you can’t go wrong increasing your purchasing power with crypto — and Path seems poised to help get you there.