ICPunks Announces The Release Of 10K NFTs On Internet Computer

Internet Computer of Difinity has declared that it will issue up to 10,000 NFTs (nonfungible tokens) free. The consumers will be able to acquire their tokens on Wednesday.  Tomasz Chojecki, Adam Stepnik, and Przemek brothers were inspired by the enormously famous CryptoPunk NFTs and Insane-Clown-Posse (a 1990s hip-hop) to manufacture the avatars for their NFT. After a lot of distinctive releases recently, it is anticipated that there would be just 3,000 punks left to be claimed at the release time.

Przemek (one of the project’s co-founders) expressed his hopes for the upcoming NFT drop. He stated that the group is enthusiastic about the ICPunks’ launch through the Internet-Computer. He added that the NFT world is making rapid developments. Thus, it is marvelous to be a part thereof. He aspired that the group has many strategies for ICPunks, such as a marketplace for NFTs, which would be the commencing move for them. Internet-Computer is a crypto token (ICP) allowing its consumers to develop websites, digital services, and applications.

Substitutes to the well-known networks of social media, including Medium, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Reddit (one of the community-driven websites), have been developed by the members of the community in advance. As per a previous tweet, the debut drop of the ICPunk has acquired significant attention from the community of cryptocurrency as the statistical records report 89,000 new visitors checking out the official NFT website after it was life.

Tomasz has also shared his thoughts about the respective partnership with Dfinity. He disclosed that the team has been looking at the work of Dfinity since 2017. Therefore, it considers that the Internet-Computer can turn out to be the adequate NFT solution. He further described that there are a lot of advantages of the Internet-Computer, and one among them is that the information is saved on-chain. The users do not require the utilization of IPFS or the specified web servers for image hosting.

There has been witnessed an exceptional advancement in the world of NFTs during the last year after numerous public figures, celebrities, and reputable brands have participated in this field. In the last week, it has been reported that Visa (a prominent name in the credit card manufacturers) informed about its NFT purchase of CryptoPunk, valuing about $150,000. This week, Naomi Osaka (a tennis star from Japan) announced an NFT collection.