How To Scale Your Accounting Practice? Build Your Virtual Team With 5 Days On-boarding Process

In today’s connected world, an effective CPA is often an efficient one. The difference can come down to smart, future-proof, and innovative processes. Novel, modern process outsourcing techniques can take your business from good to great.

If you’re new to Outsourcing, you probably have many questions about how the process of getting started even looks like. The idea of Outsourcing is to build a partnership that will clear your schedule from day-to-day, repetitive tasks. At the same time, you can focus on things that create more significant value for you and your clients. To make this transition to Outsourcing a smooth and flawless process, we’ve prepared a roadmap for you to follow and prepare your practice for success in no time.

Accounting Practice

analyzing the work Accounting on Laptop investment concept.

People are usually excited when it comes to new beginnings! But at the same time, they feel uncomfortable and scared since new beginnings usually mean facing new situations, people, and adapting to new environments. New beginnings also require investing energy and efforts to be able to reach goals set.

We at Next Generation understand that transition from one to another working set-up might be sometimes overwhelming for our Clients. That’s why we built an Easy to Go 5 Days – Onboarding Process that will help our clients envision how everything works and what to expect in the First Two Weeks from working with us.

Accounting Practice

Easy 5 Day On-Boarding process

  1. Monday – Discovery Call – During our initial consultation call held via Zoom we are focused on getting introduced with your Accounting Practice, what are your specific needs & pain points and how we can help and add value in future cooperation. We are also going through our internal team structure, and we will share some best practices that work the best in similar companies to yours.
  2. Tuesday – Preparations. Two main things we need to accomplish here:
    1. Make a List – You need to prepare a list of tasks that you would like to delegate to our bookkeeping team during the trial period. Making a list of tasks will help you have a clear expectation and better evaluate the efficiency and quality of our work.
    2. Prepare a presentation – Once you’ve decided what tasks you want to delegate to our bookkeeping team, next, you should prepare a short presentation. This will help your dedicated bookkeeper comprehend your project and start working on it. We are also sharing tips on how to do this quickly and efficiently—more on this in the next step.
  3. Wednesday – Onboarding Call / Handover. We understand that your time is valuable, and we want to keep it as efficient as possible. Our calls usually take up to 1h, but that might vary depending on the workload we are taking over. During the call, this is what you need to expect:
    1. You have a short presentation of tasks that are expected to be performed on our end. (30 min)
    2. Reviewing applications used for data processing and sharing documents (10 min)
    3. Set timelines and expectations (10 min)
    4. Discuss a potential list of any outstanding to-do items (10 min)
  4. Thursday – Set-Up Project & Apps. You need to provide us with access to accounting software you are using and applications for data sharing and processing, such as:
    1. Accounting Software – QuickBooks Online, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics
    2. CRM Software – Teamwork, Jetpack, Liscio
    3. Documents Collection (Hubdoc)
    4. Bill Pay (
    5. Cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive)
  5. Friday – Transition to Remote Bookkeeping Team. The last stage of the onboarding process – transitioning the client work to your dedicated bookkeeper/bookkeeping team – occurs when:
    1. We have gathered all the necessary information regarding your project and client specifics we will be working on.
    2. All your apps/accounts have been set up and connected with our team.
    3. You have a clear picture of how the process works and expectations are set.
    4. Our internal team has everything they need to begin with bookkeeping services.

Accounting Practice

Sit Back and Relax                                                                                                   

After the 5 Day On-Boarding, our team is already actively working on your project. The Senior Accountant is delegating most of the work to his Junior team and double-checking everything at the end of the day. At the end of the trial, if you’re not 100% satisfied, there is $0 cost on your side. It’s completely free. One more obstacle removed so you can start building your dream practice at last.

There are many benefits if you incorporate outsourcing as your new strategy for growth. But, as we talked above, the process of outsourcing needs to be appropriately done to extract the highest value. If you need a hand getting the right outsourcing agency in place, we’d love to help. Simply contact us to get a Free Outsourcing Consultation and Plan for your accounting practice.

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