How to Become a Tax Accountant

A tax accountant helps his clients in filing their income tax statements and other tax forms. His job description includes preparing local and state tax returns for his clients’ businesses or organizations. He also gives financial advice on changes in tax laws that may affect his clients’ livelihood.

Tax accountants are becoming more in demand recently because of newly opened businesses and individuals who choose to work freelance instead of working for a company. As such, tax accounting has become a lucrative profession, offering an annual salary of roughly £65,000.

If you wish to become a tax accountant, then you need to meet the educational and licensing requirements for it first.


Educational Requirements

A tax accountant should finish a bachelor’s degree in accounting or any similar course. Aside from this minimum requirement, candidates should also take thirty additional course units to qualify for a CPA (Certified Public Accountants) exam.

Helpful subjects in the field of tax accounting include auditing and taxation, financial planning and math courses like calculus and statistics. As such, it is best to concentrate your coursework around these subjects in order to better prepare you for the CPA exam and future work.

Certificate and Licensing Requirements

Before you become a certified tax accountant, you first need to pass the board exams for CPAs. This is the only way you will be legally allowed to file reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

There are different requirements per state, but general prerequisites include 150 semester hours over a period of four to five years. States are also more partial to applicants who already have two years experience in accounting work, especially those that are related to taxes.

After meeting these requirements, you may now take the CPA exam. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants administer the test, and grants the license to become a tax accountant, there are many jobs within an accountants which also would include bookkeeping services in Harrow.

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