How to Apply For a Payday Loan Online

Payday loans are easy and convenient and when compared to traditional loans like the use of credit cards, it has lots of advantages. It helps with short-term financial assistance and there are only a few requirements to make it happen. 

Personal Money Network is one of the leading financial institutions in support of payday loans and they make it possible for everyone to have access to payday loans in an easy and faster means. You can simply apply for payday loan with Personal Money Network and get all the information you need and questions to all your answers.

How to Apply For a Payday Loan Online

How to Get Started

1. Choose the right platform

The right platform could determine a lot for you, including how much interest you pay. With most lenders, you get to pay $15 per $100 lending fee and the interest drops as your loans increase. This means you would be paying a lesser interest fee for a $1000 loan compared to a $300 loan.

2. Check your eligibility

The basic eligibility factors to consider when applying for a payday loan include at least 18 years of age, a stable income, proof of permanent residency and an account holder in the bank the loan is being paid into. Once all these are met, your application would be approved as soon as possible and you will get a lender. 

3. Start the application process

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, start the application process on the website. Click on “Secure Application” and fill in your First and Last name, home phone and requested amount and click “Submit”. Your information will then be sent to the online lending network where a decision is made within 3 minutes and you will be contacted. After meeting all requirements and your application has been approved by a lender, you will get the loan within 24 hours. 

More Things You Should Know About Payday Loans

  • Most lenders does not check credit scores, unless if requested directly by the lender, but it will not necessarily affect the approval.
  • The security and privacy of your information cannot be questioned, most lenders employs industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure your data is not leaked to third parties.
  • It is more cost-effective when compared to credit cards. The accumulated interest over the long period to pay credit cards off is huge. This is different with payday loans and you do not have to worry over piling up large balances..
  • Most lenders have payment plans and you can arrange with them.


With so many financial platforms available today, something as sensitive as finances should not be taken lightly and trusted with just any platform. Personal Money Network stands out among other financial services rendering payday loans and it will be in your best interest to go for it.