How Is Saving Others From the Victimization of Online Frauds

Pandemic and Search For Alternates

The current Covid-19 Pandemic has changed many of our ways. We have stopped shaking hands with each other and are forced not to go out for shopping with family and friends for safety purposes. Similarly, there are people who were used to invest a lot but since the businesses were closed, they were forced to look for alternates.

Exponential Growth of Crypto Industry during crisis

Interestingly, while every business was suffering, but the trading business of crypto and crypto based assets grew exponentially. The growth of crypto industry can be estimated by looking at the price trending of Bitcoin – the first ever digital currency that is decentralized and has no physical existence at all. When the year 2020 started, Bitcoin’s price was under US$ 10,500 but as of today its value has increased to US$ 16,000 plus. Resultantly, the investors who were used to invest in traditional markets then diverted their investments towards crypto during the wake of Covid-19 crisis.

How Scams Work

In addition, the scammers and hackers too were keeping a close eye on the growth of crypto industry and came up with a plan to devise schemes of fraud by using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others. This was a perfect plan and did not require heavy funding. All they had to do was to create fake websites, provide promising offers therein, obtain paid reviews and testimonials and show as if there isn’t any business compared to theirs. They even advertise their fraud schemes on famous social media websites. They also illegally show as if their trading platforms have been endorsed by famous personalities such as country leaders, politicians, celebrities and known figures from the crypto industry.

A Man’s Loss Is Another Man’s Profit

Everything looks fine until people start investing into fake platform. As more and more people start joining the platform, their cash is piling up. However, it is only when you have been told by someone that the platform is fraud and are advised to send a withdrawal request. You do so accordingly and though you receive a confirmation that your withdrawal request had been received and that it is under process, but you are unable to receive the funds. You keep sending requests and your requests are not taken care of. At this moment in time, you realize that a fraud has been committed.

Origin of

You want to find the perpetrators behind and want to grab them from their collars but there is no one to be caught. In fact you don’t even know who were operating the websites and where the funds were going to. In this situation you can only seek help from private investigators such as because the local police as well as internal and external cybercrimes authorities are helpless against the perpetrators and till the time they will be able to find any trace of them, it will be too late then because they would have spent your money.

So without wasting your time you should engage Money-Back’s intelligence services so that the fraud platform can be highlighted globally as fraud. In this way the crime preventive authorities all around the world are brought in action simultaneously.

Reason to Engage

Thereafter, Money-Back’s officials remain at all times in touch with international crime control authorities in searching the original perpetrators. Once any trace is found, then proper legal recourse is initiated in the respective origin against the looters. When the criminals are arrested then the funds recovery process is initiated. Money-Back has developed strong relationship with crime control authorities of world, therefore, when the funds are recovered from scammer entities like binary options scams and then they are instantaneously transferred to Money-Back for handing it over to its real owner.

End Thoughts

Money-Back is in this business for about 4 years now and there have been thousands of its satisfied customers who were victims of fraud and fortunately get their money back. So it is better to engage someone and look for the return of your money instead of doing nothing. It is our responsibility take action or else someone else will be victimized and his life will be ruined.