Hiring an Immigration Attorney – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary to hire an immigration attorney?

It is not required by law to hire an attorney for filing immigration-related applications. However, hiring an attorney can save a lot of time, trouble, and money. Even immigration authorities acknowledge this fact. Canadian Embassy in Moscow quoted in its October 1996 guidelines for representatives that when attorneys represent their clients, it results in simplified and expedited processing.

  • What is the difference between an immigration consultant and an immigration attorney?

An immigration consultant can be any person who is knowledgeable, or claims to be knowledgeable, in immigration matters. On the other hand, an immigration attorney, or immigration lawyer, is a person having a proper law degree from a recognized university and holds a license to practice legal functions.

  • What is the advantage of hiring an immigration attorney?

An attorney helps clients in many ways. It starts with the proper advice. A competent attorney tells the client about the most suitable category to apply. There are many categories like skilled worker, business, and other categories. For a successful immigration application, it is necessary to apply in the right category. An immigration attorney will analyze your strengths and advises you on the right category. Furthermore, the attorney prepares your case according to the precise requirements, which results in an increased chance of success.

  • How can I find a good attorney?

You can find a good lawyer through referrals from the people you know. You can also find an attorney through bar association or through reputed publications.

The Internet is also an important source to find a good attorney. You can have the details of different attorneys and compare their credentials. Next, you can call them and speak to them about your case. Talking over the phone can give you a good idea about their skills and experience. Finally, you can meet your shortlisted attorneys and select the most suitable one.

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