Hackers Exploit GoDaddy Employees In Attacks Against Crypto Outfits

Cyber attacks are something that the whole crypto community has had to deal with despite the good potential that the sector promises. Over the years, an average crypto user has contacted crypto hackers at one point or the other in their journey.

Some big wigs in the mainstream media have often argued that the popularity of the crypto market has surged mainly because of the atrocities that are going through in the sector. Yet again, it looks as though the crypto sector will be making the headlines for that same reason as the bad actors in the industry have deployed a new hack method.

Liquid CEO confirms attack after hosting website error

According to recent reports, hackers have exploited GoDaddy’s employees, one of the biggest domain names globally, to carry out several attacks on crypto entities. Furthermore, the report claims that the hackers have been redirecting emails and traffic meant to go to several crypto trading platforms.

In the published report, the hackers have been carrying out this activity for a long while spanning into months. A typical example of the hack attack was perpetrated on the famous crypto trading platform, Liquid.com in the last few weeks. The incident was brought to light after the firm’s CEO announced that it was an issue with their security that led to the trading platform hack.

According to Mike Kayamori, Liquids CEO, GoDaddy mistakenly transferred some sensitive data to a bad actor, allowing the bad actor to breach security and get into the crypto trading platform database. Not quite long after Liquid witnessed its hack, NiceHash, a crypto mining firm, announced that one of its key details at GoDaddy was changed without its permission, which caused the redirection of email and traffic flow away from its website for a short time.

GoDaddy employees fall for hacker’s tricks

Even though NiceHash confirmed that nothing was missing from its reserves, it quickly added that the malicious actors were trying to change several passwords on some third-party web services on the platform, including Slack and Github. According to security outfits, this is the latest modus operandi of the malicious actors.

They are now targeting the hosting platform employees to trick them into transferring control of targeted accounts to them. GoDaddy also reported a hack on its platform earlier this year after hackers got into its database and stole over 20,000 domain names in the hosting platform’s care.

Another report has also claimed that websites like Bibox, Celcius, and Wirex may have been targeted. GoDaddy recently gave a press statement where it announced that a couple of domain names were compromised after some of its employees fell for some bad actors’ tricks.

“The threat is currently being investigated by our team of experts and has confirmed that our employees fell for a social engineering scam, the spokesperson for GoDaddy said. Notably, the spokesperson failed to explain how the employees fell for the trick because it was still under investigation.