Football Team from the Netherlands to Hold Bitcoin

As per the latest reports, the Eredivisie Club has posted a statement on its website. On the website, the football club has announced that it has recently formed a partnership with a cryptocurrency broker called Bitcoin Meester. The Eredivisie Club is one of the top football clubs in the Netherlands and had finished third in the recent season for the Dutch football season.

Following the partnership, Bitcoin Meester would become a partner of the Eredivisie Club. Bitcoin Meester would be the official and exclusive partner of the club, which is a cryptocurrency firm. As part of the agreement, Eredivisie Club and Bitcoin Meester would remain partners until 2024.

The sources have confirmed that the deal between the club and Bitcoin Meester would be finalized fully in Bitcoin (BTC). This means that the football club will be adding Bitcoin to its balance sheet.

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Michael Koster, the commercial director at AZ has talked about the reason behind the club forming a partnership with the Bitcoin Meester. According to him, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have come into a lot of demand in the past couple of years.

As per Koster, the cryptocurrency industry has been gaining a lot of prominence and attention. With the passage of time, cryptocurrency adoption has become undeniable. This is the reason why the club has decided to make a move to the cryptocurrency industry.

Koster stated that because Bitcoin has been the leading currency since the foundation of the cryptocurrency industry, it is wise to go with Bitcoin in the beginning. The Bitcoin market is constantly growing in size and user base. Therefore, the club is going to make the first move with Bitcoin and then move to other cryptocurrencies.

According to the director, the football industry is not well-versed and aware of cryptocurrencies. At present, the football sector is only aware that cryptocurrencies exist and they have a market reputation. However, they do not have much knowledge and information about the industry, so they need a lot of guidance and support in the crypto sector.

This is where Bitcoin Meester has come in to help Eredivisie Club to learn about Bitcoin and altcoins. By forming a partnership with the club, the team would be able to learn a lot from the cryptocurrency firm.

For the club, it was one of the wisest of decisions to have partnered with Bitcoin Meester, as it is a well-established firm. It is also a licensed entity that has the approval of dealing in cryptocurrencies and provides services to other businesses in the Netherlands. Bitcoin Meester has received a license from the Dutch Central Bank to provide cryptocurrency-related services to users.

With the passage of time, different sports sectors such as NASCAR, Formula 1, MMA, NBA, and many more have started forming partnerships with cryptocurrency firms to gain exposure.