Five Watches That Make the Best Investment Right Now

There are a lot of watches out there that seem durable and promising when it comes to customer experience and quality. However, getting a watch that will rise in value and provide a real investment portfolio is not an easy task. We teamed up with Elite Pawnbroker a London based company to gives you the top six watches with a good investment potential.


Omega Seamaster Watches

Omega seamester watches are among the most dependable brands that hold value for a long time and guarantee durability. With the manufacturer currently designing more luxurious collections, the watches are steadily culling other models from the line-up with an aim of hitting peak sales. The price of a Seamaster watch is £ 2,700.

TAG Heuer Silverstone

The Silverstone has a well-defined layout consisting of a TV space and a leather strap. The Monaco- based editions are quite a bargain given they have a definite market for the reissue Silverstone and Vintage series. The price in UK market is £ 5,000.

LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph Watches

Watches from the famous Jaeger-LeCoultre are taking every market segment by storm. They have amazing designs such as Philipe, Audemars and Vacheron Constantin in their movement. The chronograph brands feature a revolutionized interface borrowed from the manufacturer’s historical archives. A deep sea chronograph watch from Le Coultre goes for £ 7,500.

The Rolex Deep Sea Dweller

When deepsea watches arrived in the market, nobody wanted anything to do with them. However, the subsequent rises in RRPs have already impacted positively on those who decided to adopt the deepsea brands. They are now cashing big sums of money with the Rolex Sea Dweller brand. This was a wise move made by Rolex, and it gets watch sellers and collectors down the brand line.

Patek Philippe

Patex Philippe is a watch that every collector would want to have on the shelves. Though it can cost a lot of money, it’s a guarantee that it will stay more valuable for a long time and even bring in more money when you sell. It costs £ 34,700 in the UK market.


Cartier brands are known for their elegant designs that suit both men and women. Cartier watches are known for dependability and long lasting value that increases regardless of the date of purchase. The French manufacturer is already an iconic figure in watch fashion and the demand for these watches is already high, which a good thing for someone is looking to invest in them