Etheria Re-surfaces In NFTs Biggest Week

A new Non-fungible token (NFT)-themed game believed to be as old as Ethereum itself, has resurfaced again after almost six years its developers created it. The game, popularly called Etheria, allows its players to be real estate manganates, and even reward them with real money if successful. When the game launched in 2015, three months after Ethereum launched, users could trade off their structures in Ether, Ethereum’s native token worth more than $1,800 in today’s. However, Etheria, via its official Twitter account, has now confirmed that one of the users is set to sell its property in the game for 70 Ether, estimated to worth $125,000 today.

Mooncats were also re-discovered

The fuss about Etheria, which started last weekend when the tweet made its way out, was much more about Etheria claiming to be the first NFT project. The nature of NFTs- which represent digital collectibles, makes Etheria a decent claimer of being an NFT. The Etheria project, which launched in October 2015, has now claimed the first Ethereum-themed NFT. However, the project, which has now resurfaced due to the sales of its new projects, is forcing many to believe that there are still many more Ethereum antiques out there that are yet to be discovered.

Coincidentally, while Cyrus Adkisson’s Etheria was trending, another old Ethereum-themed NFTs- Mooncats were also discovered. Mooncats was believed to be one of the first few NFTs on the trend table in 2017 when the NFT market has not taken any definition. They represented a graphical description of artworks that were obtained on the Blockchain protocol. However, the discovery of the NFT tokens has now led to them being auctioned in a digital marketplace, and many sold for thousands of dollars.

It sums up an excellent week for NFT

The last week will not be forgotten by many in the NFT space, as it witnessed a remarkable number of successes. Justin Sun of TRON narrowly missed out on the biggest sale ever in the history of NFT when Metakovan of Metapurse outbid him. The crypto artwork was sold for a record-breaking $69.25 million to the anonymous owner/owners of Metapurse. However, Beeple- the digital artist who made the sale on Christies, is one of the highest earners in the growing NFT market.

Many digital artists and creatives have now continued to amass funds off the market despite being unpopular amongst many in the crypto space. However, the growing market has now started to attract many crypto investors. The NFT market, according to an analysis by ValueCrypto, is barely worth 4% of the overall market cap of the cryptocurrency market. However, according to research by CoinMarketCap, the size of the market is expected to triple by December 2021. However, while the NFT space is currently booming, many analysts believe that the unpopular nature of the market might stunt its growth.