Ethereum (ETH) Drops 13% in a Widening Crypto Rollercoaster

Cryptocurrency’s wild volatility hits again as the global market drops $250 billion.

Crypto holders seem to shift focus towards their portfolio’s value as the global crypto market loses nearly $250B in less than a day. Market analysts attributed the crypto downswing to the turmoil seen by Evergrande, raising concerns about possible debt nonattendance in China. Also, the incoming investigations by United States regulators contribute to the unpredictable plunge.

Evergrande is a real estate agent based in China, with liabilities amounting to over $305 billion. The latest cryptocurrency crash comes after an increased market sell-off as holders try to magnify liquidity, responding to Evergrande’s share price drop. Keep in mind that the leading real estate firm saw its share price dipping to lower levels not seen in eleven years.

Another thing contributing to the recent market instability is the weekend’s updates that US authorities target to probe Binance exchange on illegal activities such as money laundering.

The market leader, Bitcoin, lost around 11% within a day as Ethereum suffered a 13% plunge at the same time. Meanwhile, the latest crypto plummets appear to have dealt a blow to the altcoin market. Algorand lost 22% of its value after surging 115% towards record monthly highs. For now, the market has recovered slightly, Bitcoin trading 8% low from its yesterday highs.

However, some market players believe that market plummets come with a buying opportunity. El Salvador, the nation that made BTC a legal currency recently, took advantage of the crypto downswing, adding its BTC holding by 150 $BTC, worth $6.5 million.

Crypto volatility has been a challenging concept in the virtual markets, used by critics to support the speculative cryptocurrency nature. Though the recent price swings might not be dramatic than previous ones, holders might be in a panic mood.

The market crash saw the global cap plunging by 10% today, Monday, to stand at $1.94 trillion. Keep in mind that the overall crypto value was at $2.17 trillion on Saturday. The loss comes as the crypto market sees increased institutional interests, and analysts await the move by banks as far as the market is concerned.

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