E-mail Marketing – Uses and Benefits

Email marketing is the use of email as a direct marketing tool. According to a study, the main use for Internet access is sending and receiving the e-mails. That is why email marketing is very important for businesses in customer relationships.


Uses of email marketing

Following ethical principles, email marketing can be used to offer products and services, promote additional items of specific interest, as well as loyalty campaigns management, satisfaction surveys, commemorative and anniversary cards.

It is also recommended for sending periodical news, newsletters, articles and internal communications. In event organization, for example, e-mail marketing can be applied to the distribution of invitations, confirmation of attendance and thank-you for participation.

Benefits of email marketing

In this sense, companies that adopt email marketing have a number of benefits:

  • Proactively – instead of waiting for customer interest, the company can find it;
  • Interactivity – the client immediately interacts with the message;
  • Segmentation – it is possible to target the message by gender, age group and city, for example;
  • Customization – the message can be easily customized with customer information;
  • Measurement – the return of the action performed is monitored in real time.

Differences between email marketing and mail merge

In comparison to direct mail, for example, email marketing offers great advantages. The first one is speed. While in the mail, the traditional message takes three to five days to be delivered, using the Internet, the customer receives it immediately.

Another advantage is the economy, because digital communication reduces creation and shipping costs, as well as eliminates printing and handling costs. In addition, convenience is also an advantage, because in the relationship by email, it is necessary to have only the customer’s name and electronic mailbox. For direct mail, several informations are required: street, neighborhood, city, state and zip code.