DOGE-1 – A SpaceX Dogecoin Funded Mission to the Moon

SpaceX plans to launch a mission to the moon. You might have heard about different space missions by the company. What is different this time is that the CEO will fund the operation with Dogecoin.

Although started as a social media joke, the DOGE cryptocurrency has seen massive gains recently. Elon Musk, the SpaceX founder, boosted the meme coin through his Twitter posts. When was your first time to hear about Dogecoin?

For now, you can wait to witness the mission to the moon, DOGE-1, early in 2022. GEC (Geometric Energy Corporation), which will collaborate with SpaceX to facilitate the space mission, declared the news on Sunday.

Tom Ochinero, a SpaceX official, said that the mission will indicate crypto application beyond earth. He also stated that a space mission funded with Dogecoin will mark an interplanetary commerce foundation. Is that not mesmerizing?

Elon Musk, as always, commented about the Doge-1 mission through a Twitter post last month. The CEO posted that Dogecoin will be the first meme crypto to head to space. However, despite the executive promoting the coin for years now, it plummeted on Sunday. That was after Musk described Dogecoin as a hustle on his Saturday Night Live appearance.

At a certain point, Musk’s mother appeared on stage and said she hoped her mother’s day gift, will not be Dogecoin. Surprisingly, Elon Musk said it is.

Later on, the host asked the SpaceX CEO to define Dogecoin. Elon wanted Michael Che, a co-host, to refer to him as the Dogefather. He furthers declared the digital coin starting as a joke and turning into a real deal.

From the show, you can refer to DOGE as the future of money in the world. That is according to what the CEO said. However, nothing is a guarantee in this market. You probably know what a volatile business means.

Musk surprised many after admitting that the virtual coin is a hustle.

What do you think about Dogecoin’s future? Will the DOGE-1 mission promote the asset’s acceptance in the market? Where do you see this virtual product by next year? You can comment on your views below.