CryptoMatex Review – How CryptoMatex’s Crypto-Bots Are Revolutionizing Crypto Trading

CryptoMatex Review
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For CryptoMatex, the main goal is to provide you with as much convenience, safety, and protection as possible. CryptoMatex knows very well that any person would be skeptical and cautious when it comes to finances. This is the reason why CryptoMatex has kept things very simple and easy for the investors so they are fully confident and have a piece of mind while entrusting CryptoMatex with their money.

CryptoMatex Review

CryptoMatex logoNow that the cryptocurrency industry is successful and has gained mainstream/worldwide adoption, every other person wants to try it. However, things were not always like this for the cryptocurrency industry when it first made it to the online platform.

Launched in 2009, with the introduction of the very first cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin – BTC’, the cryptocurrency industry was and still is the youngest member in the online trading industry. Since its launch, the cryptocurrency industry faced a lot of resistance and took too much pressure from the entire internet community. The very reason for the industry facing so much heat and resistance was its decentralized nature. However, the cryptocurrency industry as introduced as a financial alternative that allowed people to make transactions without having to share their personal information or having to incur high-fees or charges.

Broker CryptoMatex
Trading Type Cryptocurrencies
Trading Style Automated (Financial Advisor-backed)
Trading Accounts Four (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
Annual Savings Up to 9%
No-interest Loan Up to 40% of Deposit
Minimum deposit 250 EUR
Maximum Leverage 1:400
Customer Service 24/5

Challenges and Early Adoption Rate of Cryptocurrency Trading

Due to the platform’s very nature, it had to go through a lot of hardships and struggles before it managed to earn some trust and recognition in the online trading community. Before the investors could start adopting the industry, they needed assurance that their savings and investments would be in safe hands.

This was the point where the cryptocurrency exchanges made their way into the crypto-industry and offered users exactly what they wanted to have from the crypto-industry. The cryptocurrency exchanges were responsible for looking after the investments and assets of their investors and ensure that they never incurred any losses.

At this point, the cryptocurrency industry started gaining some recognition and adoption rate. However, the situation was still not looking very promising or bright for the cryptocurrency industry. Still, the cryptocurrency industry managed to make its way against all the odds and it currently resides where it is today.

Was Crypto-Trading Easy in the Initial Phases?

Yes, when it comes to manual cryptocurrency trading, then the crypto-trading platform was a lot easier than it is today. When the cryptocurrency industry came into being in 2009, the only cryptocurrency asset it had was Bitcoin (BTC). There were no cryptocurrency exchanges, very few cryptocurrency users who used to acquire Bitcoin (BTC) through mining and had no idea what do to with them acquired Bitcoin (BTC) afterwards. Lastly, there were cryptocurrency markets that had no flow as the industry had not even been adopted.

Then the cryptocurrency industry started making slow progress where it started observing user-following, adoption, and investments. From the year 2009 till the mid of the year 2011, there was only one cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin – BTC’ that was present in the crypto-space before the number started rising from the mid of 2011.

At the start, the crypto-analysts and expert-traders had almost no work or information that they needed to collect. There was just one cryptocurrency, few cryptocurrency exchanges, and almost zero amount of trading markets to trade in. However, the cryptocurrency industry started making gradual success and adoption after the middle of 2011. That is when more cryptocurrencies started popping up in the online crypto-trading community. Still, the growth and development was not as much as it is today.

Even after the year 2011, the cryptocurrency industry did not gain that much popularity and recognition. As a result of this, the cryptocurrency exchanges had very less data to collect/extract from the cryptocurrency markets. If the data was less, then it was easier for the analysts to process it and acquire the necessary information from them in order to generate manual trading signals for their.

What was the First Challenge and Break-Through for the Crypto-Industry?

Although the cryptocurrency industry has moved with the pace of a snail in the starting phases of the cryptocurrency trading, yet it has picked up the pace since 2015. However, since the end of the year 2019 until now, the cryptocurrency industry has gained an enormous amount of adoption, investments, and even an overwhelming number of crypto-assets to choose from.

As per the reports shared by some of the most prominent crypto-trading firms, the user-base of the cryptocurrency was only 35 million back in 2018. There were around 600+ cryptocurrency-assets, and less crypto-trading markets-exchanges than they are today. This was the time when the online trading brokers realized that the dynamics of the cryptocurrency platform had started to change.

With the user-base growing, the cryptocurrency exchanges started facing problems and concerns from the investors. The investors expressed their displeasure and reservations around the way that the cryptocurrency exchanges had started handling their concerns. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency exchanges were facing the worst time in their operational tenures. As the industry was just a decade old, even the analysts and trading experts in the industry were not to be considered the gurus in their trade.

With more cryptocurrencies joining the ranks every other day and more users shifting to the cryptocurrency trading platform, the cryptocurrency markets had become populated. This meant that the amount of data that the analysts and trading experts were previously processing to run signals, had become more than 100 times greater to analyze.

Crypto-Exchanges Introduced Data Analyzing Bots

With the situation worsening every passing day, the cryptocurrency exchanges had to come up with a solution that was effective and long-term for the crypto-exchanges as well as crypto-users. This was the time when the developers from the cryptocurrency exchanges managed to develop the solution for keeping the investors informed with suggestions and insights.

Thus, crypto-bots were introduced that were developed with the advanced algorithmic technology. The main purpose of these bots were to gather real-time data from the crypto-markets, organize it per market/asset, and then run analysis/scenarios on them to generate signals. Once done, the signals were sent over to the investors and stakeholders as suggestions from the crypto-exchanges.

With the invention of these bots, the process of collecting data and analyzing it to generate trading signals was fully automated.

CryptoMatex Introduced One of the Best Solutions

Although the invention of bots generating signals was adopted all across the cryptocurrency sector, yet it was not the permanent solution that the crypto-industry needed for investors. At present, the crypto-industry consists of more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies, 110 million crypto-users, and more than 600 cryptocurrency exchanges. With the crypto-industry growing this big, the bots generating trading signals could only keep the investors informed but the rest was still up to the investors.

This is when CryptoMatex managed to earn the spotlight by introducing bots that have the ability to perform crypto-trading all by themselves. These bots have been developed with the most advanced technology and complex algorithms. These bots have also been integrated with the functionality of generating trading signals and run rest scenarios on them to find the best trading market, asset, and time based before performing real-time trading.

One of the best thing about these bots is that they are a hundred on auto-pilot and do not require any kind of input from you to make any decisions except financially in the form of funds. However, even the funds that you have in your account are managed by finance advisor who is dedicated to run the finances on your behalf. So at CryptoMatex, all you need to worry about is managing the deposit and the rest is managed by the trading bots and the dedicated financial advisor.

At this point you must be thinking whether it is beneficial for letting bots doing the trades on your behalf or not. So allow me this opportunity to enlighten you as to what other benefits CryptoMatex’s trading bots are capable of offering you:

Trading Bots Provide 24/7 Coverage

There is so much you can do when you do crypto-trading all by yourself but it still will not be enough. Because at the end of the day, humans have a physical and a mental limit, which they need to rejuvenate time to time. Unfortunately, as the crypto-trading markets are 24/7, you may be resting at the time when there are too many opportunities and positions opening up in the trading-markets and closing without you even having to know about them.

This is the reason why CryptoMatex’s crypto-trading bots are the perfect solution to this problem as they are run by machines, software, calculation, and algorithms that do not sleep either. When it is the trading bots trading on your behalf, then the possibility of missing a trading position or any profiting deal is not missed. Once you open an account at CryptoMatex, the automated trading process is initiated the moment you set foot into the trading markets via your financial advisor. Then the rest of the trading activities are executed by the crypto-trading bots.

Trading Bots Make No Mistakes

CryptoMatex is fully aware that wherever there is human involvement, the element of errors/mistakes would always be present. It is one of the main reasons why investors end up incurring losses in their deals and investments because no matter how skilled or experienced they are, mistakes/errors would end up finding their way in the person’s trading activities.

This is where CryptoMatex’s trading bots make things easier for you and take the responsibility of doing all the calculations on your behalf. They gather the necessary data per market, process it, analyze it, run tests on it, and then execute the final trading actions on the trades.

Trading Bots Do not Harbor Emotions

Another factor that CryptoMatex is fully aware of is that no matter the affair, the element of emotions and sentiments would always be present whenever there is human involvement. When it comes to crypto-trading, it is very important the element of emotions/sentiments must be kept out. However, when the trading responsibility is upon the investors, they would end up growing a sentiment or emotions against a particular trading asset.

You must know very well that throughout the globe, people have a particular number that they consider is lucky for them, which is not the case at all. It is just that due to some coincidences, people start growing attachments and sentiments with numbers or anything that was there that the people believe turned lucky for them. This is the very reason why so many investors end up losing all their investments and savings because instead of believing in facts & figures, they believe in their emotions or feelings.

Again, CryptoMatex’s trading bots come and save the day as they are a combinations of calculations and algorithms, which is why all the decisions made by the bots are without emotions or sentiments. The bots have been designed to assess the trading markets to their fullest and choose the best positions and markets based on the outcome data they collect.

Trading Bots are built for Profits

After spending a huge amount of resources, energy, and man-hours, CryptoMatex has managed to create bots that are sensitive to even the slightest of the changes that take place in the crypto-markets. These bots have been designed to constantly gather data and run analysis on them to ensure they always stay on top of the trading markets.

By collecting the data, the bots run tests/scenarios in split seconds and have the perfect execution in place. These bots are fully aware of the upcoming events and based on their analysis, they are able to predict as to which trading position would be the most profitable for the particular trading asset. Even if it is minor profit capacity left in a particular position, the trading bots would ensure that they extract even that fragment of profit before moving onto the next best trading options.

List of CryptoMatex’s Trading Accounts

So before you get ready to make an account and start trading through CryptoMatex, you must know that it provides customers with four different crypto-trading accounts. Each account is equipped with benefits and services based on the deposit you make. Depending on the deposits, the trading markets and complexities also increase. The capabilities and expertise of the trading bots are also tested per account but the profits increase well:

Basic Trading Account

CryptoMatex’s basic account can be yours to own if you are willing to make a deposit between €250 and €2,499. Based on the deposit that you make, you can acquire 10% non-interest loan against the amount you have deposited to increase your investments in crypto-trading. You have the ability to trade with the leverage limit of 1:50.

When it comes to real-time support, you have a dedicated financial advisor who is always available to make financial decisions on your behalf. When it comes to you acquiring support on any minor query or would like to raise a complaint against anything related to CryptoMatex, you can acquire the services of CryptoMatex’s customer support.

Silver Trading Account

You can get your hands on CryptoMatex’s silver trading account by making a deposit between €2,500 and €24,999. When it comes to the silver trading account, you can acquire up to 20% non-interest loan based on the deposit amount. The leverage ratio that you can utilize while trading increases from 1:50 to 1:100.

For the real-time support, all your financial decisions are made by the financial advisor who is skilled and well aware of the decisions that are to be taken when it comes to your investments. If you have any queries that you wish to discuss or highlight through a different channel, then you can acquire the services of CryptoMatex’s 24/7 customer support.

Gold Trading Account

This is the second top tier trading account that is offered by CryptoMatex, which you can acquire by making a deposit between €25,000 and €99,999. Once you have the access, you can acquire up to 30% non-interest loan against the deposit amount that you make. Your ability to utilize the leverage per trade increases from 1:100 to 1:200.

Furthermore, you gain access to daily market news/review, price alerts, analysis reports, 1-on-1 educational sessions, you can access to weekly/monthly trading webinars. You are able to gain free NFP trading signals, have access to money management program as well as VIP Membership Program.

Additionally, you have access to the account manager’s personal line so you can always get in touch with him if you have any issues. Apart from the account manager, the financial account advisor and 24.7 customer support is always at your service.

Platinum Trading Account

CryptoMatex has introduced platinum account as the top tier for cryptocurrency trading. You can acquire this account by making a deposit of a minimum €100,000 while there is no cap on the top amount. No matter the amount you deposit, you can gain up to 40% non-interest loan for increasing your investments. The leverage that you can utilize increases from 1:200 to 1:400, which is a lot more than what majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges currently provide.

When it comes to services and benefits, you are eligible to receive daily market news/reviews, price alerts, market analysis, and free NFP trading signals. Additionally, your profile gets enrolled for weekly/monthly webinars, 1-on-1 educational sessions, money management programs, and VIP membership programs.

When it comes to real-time support, you can acquire the services of the account manager, financial account advisor, and 24/7 customer support respectively.

Deposits and Withdrawals on CryptoMatex

For CryptoMatex, the main goal is to provide you with as much convenience, safety, and protection as possible. CryptoMatex knows very well that any person would be skeptical and cautious when it comes to finances. This is the reason why CryptoMatex has kept things very simple and easy for the investors so they are fully confident and have a piece of mind while entrusting CryptoMatex with their money:


When it comes to making deposits, CryptoMatex has kept things very simple for the investors. It does not required the investors to go through extensive procedures and processes before they can make the initial deposits. As far as depositing money is concerned, you have numerous options at your disposal that you can choose to make the deposits.

At present, CryptoMatex offers you with options such as Visa/MasterCard, Bank Wire Transfer, Maestro, and even the largest cryptocurrency in the entire cryptocurrency industry ‘Bitcoin’. The minimum deposit amount that you need to make to open an account at CryptoMatex is €250.


As far as withdrawals are concerned, CryptoMatex has made things even easier for the users as it does not confuse you to choose from an entire list of withdrawal options. As soon as you initiate a withdrawal request, the request is sent over to the processing team, which then goes through all the necessary checks before releasing your payment. The money is then transferred directly in the bank account that you provide CryptoMatex.

CryptoMatex’s Security Measurements

When it comes to the security and safety of your assets, investments, personal information, and all other activities taking place at CryptoMatex, the exchange has ensured that it has the best security system in place. In order to keep things completely encrypted and safe, CryptoMatex has adopted the SSL security system that is on-par with any other industry level firm.

So whether it is a transaction or any other activity, it is encrypted by the SSL protocols and channeled peer-to-peer without having to worry about any third party interference.

CryptoMatex and KYC Regulations

Being a highly reputed cryptocurrency exchange in the industry, CryptoMatex ensures that it adheres to all the regulations that are implemented by the regulatory authorities of the countries where it provides its services and operates from.

This is the reason why CryptoMatex will always demand you to provide your Personal Identification Information (PII) before it can allow you to trade through its platform. The reason why CryptoMatex is so strict about adhering to the KYC regulation is to ensure that it does not end up providing a safe haven to people who have negative or criminal records intentionally or unintentionally.

CryptoMatex’s 24/7 Customer Support

CryptoMatex is fully aware that for any company or firm to provide the best service to their users, the Customer Support sector plays a key role. This is why CryptoMatex has made a lot of investment towards its customer satisfaction department. It has hired some of the most professional and highly skilled individuals who are always available to provide you with the best solutions possible. All you need to do is just send them an email via and you will be surprised to see how quick they are when replying to your query.