Crypto-Currency Trading: Strategies for Efficient and Quick Returns

When you hear about Bitcoin for the first time, its astronomical appreciation is the first thing that catches your eye. Seduced by it, you decide to understand how to start bitcoin trading. You start the searches on Google, friends, forums and social media groups. And at the end of the research, there are more doubts than clarifications. But this is normal; it is part of the learning process. The problem begins when we begin to seduce by promises of quick and easy enrichment.

Crypto Currency Trading

There are numerous strategies that promise efficiency and quick returns, not to mention the numerous scams and opportunists who take advantage of the beginners. What many really say is that the most recommended strategy for anyone who wants to start bitcoin trading is to buy and wait. The famous Buy & Hold! Learn more about crypto-currency trading at YourCryptoWizard.


There is one very clear reason that Buy & Hold is the best strategy for anyone who is starting to invest in crypto-currency – or any other asset with good fundamentals. Let us understand it:

No one can guess when the market will rise or fall. No one!

When we look at the Bitcoin chart, we see the countless high and low movements that take place over time. The beginner soon thinks: if I buy in the low and sell on the high, surely I will win more than if I buy and wait. This is the famous trading. Of course, how could anyone have thought of this before? It turns out that it is impossible to hit when the market is on a top. Is it possible to make money with trading? Yes. Do people make money from trading? Yes. Do people make more money with trading than Buy & Hold? No. The largest investors in the world, in any sector of the market, did not get rich with trading or technical analysis. They have enriched with well-founded strategies and portfolio remuneration.