Crypto Ads Making a Return on Google Advertising

Cryptocurrency-based advertisements have made an unexpected yet welcome comeback on various ad platforms on Google. One of the main reasons behind this comeback is the revised policies Google announced back in June. However, do not expect these ads to be the same as they were before as there are certain restrictions and limitations involved this time around.

For those who do not know, Google imposed on all types of ads concerning cryptocurrency organizations as well as ICOS aka initial coin offerings. These bans were imposed back in March. This policy essentially enforced a ban on all types of crypto products. This included things like wallets, exchanges, and a lot more.

However, as time passed, Google made several revisions to this policy in order to let certain organizations come back to its ad network. This network is arguably the biggest the world has ever signed. Google now believes that the blockchain, as well as crypto industries, are much more mature and sophisticated than they were before. All of this played a major part in this swift and speedy comeback.

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While this revision made by Google is most definitely a welcome one, there is one thing that people might take issue with. And that is, only cryptocurrency organizations present in the United States can post ads on the platform set by Google. That being said, a global audience will be able to view these ads, which means that this will not be a total loss.

Crypto companies also had to register themselves with the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. This was a must-follow requirement by Google to make sure everyone remains in the clear. One of the best things about this initiative is that it adds an extra bit of credibility to ads posted on Google’s network. What’s more, crypto companies also have to register themselves with state or federally chartered bank entities and follow the necessary legal requirements.

As mentioned earlier, this policy does come with a set of limitations. Sure, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets remain in the clear, but Google will not accept ads regarding DeFi and ICOs protocols for trading. Google’s higher-ups also stated that they will steer clear from promoting products that encourage trading or selling of crypto products.

While some individuals and groups in the cryptocurrency community may not be fully happy with these restrictions, most still admit that it is a step in the right direction.  Experts also believe that this step will give Google a better understanding of crypto while helping promote the right digital currency for people to invest in.