Craig Wright Wins Whitepaper Lawsuit Against

The case against Cøbra (an operator of resulted in an order necessitating the company to remove the whitepaper. Craig Wright, the prosecutor, has been given the summary judgment which maintains his claim against the Bitcoin whitepaper. The defendant has been prohibited from presenting any document on the website by the court.

Craig Wright: the lawsuit winner

Initially, Wright submitted a copyright claim against the whitepaper of Bitcoin in May 2019, and the case proceedings have been in progress since February 2021. Afterward, he demanded takedown of several whitepapers by requiring their compies. The default judgment for the case has been granted by the London High Court today, implying that the hosting of whitepaper would not be allowed to the accused firm on, and a notice must be put by it about the judgment.

The expenditure of the lawsuit proceedings (£35,000) that Wright paid must be recompensed to him on behalf of Cøbra.

A closely aligned company with the SV project of Craig Wright, Coingeek, commented on the news by referring to it as a victory for the campaign launched by Wright to re-take the whitepaper. Cøbra was criticized for raising funds to meet the case and keeping its identity a secret.

The response of Cøbra

It was stated by Cøbra that the company fears the blockage of the copyright infringement of ‘’ by the ISP’s of the United Kingdom if it does not comply with the order.

As the identity of the company is unknown, Wright may face difficulty in collecting the payment. The hearing was attended by Cøbra, but it did not respond and remained anonymous.

Today, the company replied that there is no problem in paying the costs to Wright. As the company has gathered funds from, it will feel comfortable cooperate and compensate for the legal fees.

It is not clear yet whether anyone would target the other agencies or not. The copy of the whitepaper was taken down by recently this year. Nonetheless, it goes on to host the document. Although a legal judgment has been granted in favor of Wright, it does not certify that he is the manufacturer of the Bitcoin whitepaper and not even the inventor of the Bitcoin ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Yet it is evident by today’s court proceedings that Wright possesses enough legal power to be exercised on the others existing in the crypto industry.