Covid19Coin – A One-Of-A-Kind Crypto Project Aimed at Supporting the World Economy Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus situation continues to affect everyone all over the world. It’s growing day by day, and almost every country is in the state of lockdown. The global economy has already gone into recession, leaving the majority of world population jobless. If the Covid-19 situation continues to be the same for coming months, the consequences would be disastrous. In this terrible time, a crypto project named ‘’Covid19Coin’’ claims to support the world economy. Due to its unique and promising idea, it’s getting steam among crypto investors and crypto users. 


About the Quan2um and COV19 Coin

Currently, the crypto industry is facing a lot of challenges and problems, with the most common being high transaction fees, fragile technical architecture, and geographical limitations. Quan2um, a new crypto exchange platform, claims to address all these challenges and problems. It’s an integrated cryptocurrency to fiat trading platform that is equipped with various cutting-edge trading features, and provides an advanced fiat support. Since it’s a new exchange platform, initially it will support more than fifty trading pairs for the following coins: ETH, BTC, COV19, and QUSD. 

The COV19 is a new cryptocurrency designed with an aim to support the world economy amid coronavirus pandemic. The crypto coin will have a total supply of 7.8 billion, which is equivalent to the world population. The sole purpose of creating this coin is to allow anyone to trade and enjoy its countless benefits, which include high master node rewards, PoS staking income, and around 50-percent trading fee waiver on Quan2um exchange. In short, both Quan2um exchange and COV19 Coin are part of crypto COVID-19 Project and they will play a key role in stabilizing the world economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The COVID-19 crypto project is scheduled to be launched on 1st July 2020. If you want to know more about the project, visit their whitepaper or official site