Corporate Credit Card: See Benefits for Company and Employees

In times of economic crisis, among other issues such as retraction of consumption and drop in production and sales, one of the biggest challenges for companies is to be able to satisfactorily remunerate their employees in order to keep them satisfied and productive. But remunerations need not necessarily be financial. There are several other benefits that can make your employees motivated. A corporate credit card offers the enterprise payment processing solution and it brings numerous benefits to both the employee and the company.

The corporate credit card is part of a series of other benefits that the company can offer to its employees: the food card and the meal card, which integrate the Worker’s Food Program (PAT) and the logistics card (for fuel purchase, fleet management, electronic freight payment), among others.


What does company gain by offering corporate credit card to its employees?

Providing employee benefits brings innumerable advantages to the company: reduced turn-over, increased talent attractiveness, increased job satisfaction and productivity, among others.

The corporate credit card brings quality of life to the employee by facilitating the management of their budget. It allows you access to products and services essential to your satisfaction without resorting to pay advances. It provides cost savings with payroll processing.

It works in an integrated way via files and with the payroll. It allows the reduction or even the extinction of advance salary. The operations (increasing the limits, inclusion, exclusion and blocking of employees) are simple and practical, through the internet, optimizing the process and reducing costs with labor. In case of disconnections, for example, the current balance is easily obtained.

The operation is simple without bureaucracy and allows full control by the company. It promotes transparency in the relationship with employees. It ends with constant authorizations for purchases. And most importantly: it does not compromise cash flow!