Coinbase Integrates Support For Paypal Payment

Coinbase, a US-based crypto exchange, has launched payment support that its customers can link to their PayPal accounts. Customers using this platform can now purchase cryptocurrencies with their debit cards at the drop of a hat. Recently, PayPal started allowing its customers sell and buy Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. It also allows customers to know the status of their virtual currencies.

The foremost cryptocurrency exchanger made this exciting feat known to the public on 29th April. Aside from using debit cards, users can also buy crypto from the bank accounts they linked to PayPal prior.

It’s American customers can integrate their Coinbase account to their PayPal accounts where they would be given the opportunity of buying up to twenty-five thousand dollars worth of cryptocurrencies daily. Coinbase intends to replicate this feat in other countries of the world in the months ahead. Customers residing in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and America can now withdraw their funds to their PayPal accounts.

Linking Your PayPal Account to Coinbase

To integrate your Coinbase account to your PayPal account, check out the “Add a payment method” instruction and click on it to help you purchase crypto using the Coinbase application. If you’ve not signed up on PayPal, you may have to pass its 2FA interface to continue with your purchase.

Coinbase said that this new method of purchasing cryptocurrency is one way of providing their customers with more efficient methods of buying cryptos and transferring their funds. It expected the new method will be faster than the traditional method of transferring cash from their bank account to their Coinbase account.

Moving Forward After Highly Expected IPO

The incorporation of the payment support for PayPal has shifted the center of focus on the highly expected initial public offering (IPO) that was due in April. With its public listing, Coinbase became one of the foremost crypto exchanges that the conventional stock market in the United States listed on their platforms.

Its COIN stock saw a huge increase in its opening price before pitching at a thirty-one percent increase from its $250/share reference value to a $328 concluding value on 14th April.

The trading value of COIN on 30th April is $295. This shows that it is decreasing in value after the platform launched about two weeks ago.

The crypto exchange has garnered a lot of positive response after it went public, and this represents a huge achievement for the blockchain and crypto world.  Also, the company’s worth witnessed a steady increase after its public listing. This appears to be a mirror of the increasing crypto markets that keeps rising all through this year.

Other crypto-based companies are mulling over the idea of following the lead of Coinbase as the crypto world is becoming more and more appealing to investors. This will furnish investors with different options of becoming exposed to the crypto world so that they can choose who company they want to invest in based on their performances.