Cardano Reveals Its Second Key Partnership In Africa

Cardano keeps on expanding across the African Continent as recently it introduced to provide digital IDs in Ethiopia to modernize the education system and today Cardano amazed the globe by the launch of another project in the African continent, but this time it is in Tanzania. World Mobile Group (WMG) and Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK) the developer behind Cardano technology have made exclusive expanding projects in Africa as they have agreed to develop cellular internet connections, financial approvals to the communities and digital identities for the people of Tanzania.

Cardano Benefitting Tanzania

The African continent is known to be not that much advanced in terms of technology and significantly suffering from bad internet connection. Research shows that more than half of the population don’t even have access to the internet. Like few other countries of the continent, Tanzania is in a struggling phase in terms of cellular connections, healthcare system, education and social identifications and considered to lack global connectivity.

Yesterday on 29th of April, 2021 Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK)’s Cardano blockchain technology and World Mobile Group (WMG) disclosed the partnership in Tanzania which is intending to modernize and to have better digital, financial and social services in the country to educate people by not only spreading the awareness but also by the utilization of modern blockchain technology in the country.

The report states that companies will initiate the projects by Zanzibar Island and plans to expand it across the country by means of developing strong cellular internet connections and modern solar energy resources. World Mobile Group (WMG) is foreseeing the bright future to come in Tanzania which would give global identity to the people of Tanzania by means of social connections across the globe and with other offerings of Cardano Technology.

Cardano’s Infiltration in Africa

Cardano’s infiltration in the African continent got viral after the announcement of the partnership. The market was thrilled with the news of Cardano’s partnership in Ethiopia for enhancing the education system and entreating students, teachers and colleges with blockchain-based national digital identities.

This partnership was announced publically on 27th of April 2021 and a couple of days after that on 28th of April Cardano disclosed the second major partnership in Tanzania for the further optimistic and enhanced future of the African Continent.