Binary Options Scams With Positive Reviews

A strange phenomenon is dominating binary options these days, you can find a lot of positive reviews about obvious scams. How is that possible?

They are all the same, they all promise you money with binary options thanks to a trading system. You will find a lot of positive reviews about them, even with videos showing positive results.

An example of such a trading system is Code Fibo. But when you try them, you lose your own money. You become a victim of an unscrupulous system.


It is because you probably don’t know about one important thing, brokers are not the only ones who are willing to pay affiliate commissions for new referrals. Scammers with these losing systems do the same. Plus, they have their own networks to promote their products.

So even if you try to be cautious and look for reviews, you can burn yourself because you will base your decision on a fake review. But there is a way out of this.

There are a few honest binary options review websites, but your best defense is common sense. We all know that money is not free. In fact, the opposite is true, money represent value for exchange.

So when somebody says that you can get a money making system for free, something is not right, you have to know that. Everybody knows that, but sometimes we choose to believe what we would like to be true, instead of what is likely to be real.

And this is a loophole in our thinking that scammers take advantage of. They show you videos with fancy houses and cars, actors tell you stories about how they became millionaires. All this just to make you not be rational and invest money with a black box trading software from anonymous people. A thing that you would normally not do.

Also because we all know that financial trading is a regulated activity. So any legal trading system that is being sold or offered for free has to be regulated.

To sum up this article let us repeat that there is a lot of fake positive binary options reviews, so you have to be careful with who you will trust. You should rely on common sense in the first place and use logic to determine whether a trading system can really be profitable or not.

The best way to achieve profits is to rely on yourself and learn everything you need from reliable sources.