Binance Recent Listing: Speculations Arise Over Safemoon Inclusion

While the suppositions have been cleared in a few sectors, there seems to still be some ray of hope for the crypto community. 

Recent SafeMoon Reports

There is a recent troll of suppositions on the likely addition of SafeMoon token in the recent Binance list and it is making rounds on the socials. This recent trend was initiated from a tweet by one of Safemoon’s ardent user who goes by the name Gareth Burrows. Having tweeted on the 17th of March on how he noticed Safemoons’s token on Binance app in its recent update. In his tweets, he says he typed SFM on the Binance trading app and it popped up. 

Gareth however stated in his tweet that what he noticed may not matter, The proud Safemoon army still did some double checks on Garett’s discovery. However, some Safemoon enthusiasts in Brazil and Germany agreed to have noticed the same. In another tweet, Jjopesane who is also a tweeter user debunked the reports by Gareth. In his tweets, he says “Gareth’s discovery should be ignored because the lite version brings up almost everything on the Binance app”.

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Suppositions like this gets crypto traders talking and whether JopeSane is accurate or not, the SafeMoonArmy  believe it would be listed on binance in no distant time.

Backing up what Jopesane stated in his tweets, news from a genuine crypto source has it that Binance do not support the Safemoon trading for now even when tons of messages have been sent by safemoon enthusiasts for it to  listed by Binance. 

Some safemoon users believe that with the recent upgrade to Safemoon V2, all hopes are high that it will in no time be listed on Binance and all fingers are crossed to see to the realization of this as this would give the Safemoon coin more popularity and credibility.

What Safemoon is all About 

SafeMoon is a recently developed coin initiated in 2021. It was launched on the BNB chain.  Safemoon is also a decentralized finance (DeFi) community-driven protocol which is a quite different protocol from others when it comes to transactions. Three roles take place, reflection, liquidity pool (LP) acquisition, and burn. 

There is also a 10% fee incurred by those that sell their tokens and 5% of the the fee is remitted to other owners. This is a system developed by Safemoon to encourage holders to keep and also discourage merchants to sell.  

According to Safemoon, it is an initiative committed to innovation for the best. Initiating new innovations to building the blockchain, commerce, metaverse and NFTs to get value from the  cryptocurrency community.