Better Buys During Market Recovery – July Week 2

The overall crypto market has seen increase volatility that sent top coins such as Ethereum and Bitcoin to the red territory. However, there are various virtual coins that you can buy as the market stages recovery. In this context, we highlight some of the asset options that you can try at the moment.

Revain (REV)

If the value drives you in the crypto market, buying cheap and selling high, Revain digital asset proves to be a better buy as the market recover gradually. With this crypto, users can review ETH blockchain-based coins.

Revain acts like a response channel, allowing developers to get feedback concerning their projects. REV has been struggling since attaining its highest value in May, where the asset increase to $0.06221 from $0.03655. As a result, Revain surged over 50%. However, the coin has been beneath its All-Time-High for now.

Meanwhile, REV indicates recovery chances at the moment. Although the coin still trades beneath the $0.00859 support at the 20-d MA, its current value, $0.00791, puts REV at the right place to register bullish moves. The virtual asset has rallied over 0.51% in its daily chart.

Theta Fuel

Theta Fuel is another cryptocurrency you can buy during the market recovery. You will find this coin on the Theta network, a platform that focuses on data delivery and video streaming. The platform has Enterprise validators such as Gumi, Blockchain Ventures, Binance, Google, and Samsung.

Theta Fuel has had a bumpy ride as far as its value is concerned. The coin surged from $0.03349 in January to $0.4817 on 23 March. That translates to over 2,000% increase in 3 months.

Although the currency lost momentum afterward, it had a breakthrough on 19 June, surging to $0.5905. However, the TFUEL failed to maintain, losing 10% as the month ended, trading at $0.4113. While writing this, the altcoin shows hopes to regain value, trading around $0.3585 after a 0.98% surge.


ICON is another coin that you consider as the market prepares for recoveries. ICX has witnessed roller-coaster moves over the past sessions. The altcoin saw drastic drops even after trading at $12.19 in its initial days. Remember, the coin hit a $0.262 low in 2019 November. However, ICX rebounded in 2021, trading at $3.1198 on 31 March.

The asset failed to maintain its value, dropping to $1.84 in April ending. In May, ICX rallied 11% to $2.733 before plunging with the total market.

At the moment, ICX trades at $0.9399, after a 1.39% up. The digital coin show recovery signals this month.