Benefits of an Online Accounting System

If your business sells electronic security products and services, the AccountIT, an online Accounting management system can be very helpful in streamlining your business management process.

In this short article, you will see some of the many benefits of an online management system for companies selling electronic security services.

Online Accounting System

1 – Greater Financial Control

With an online ERP system you will be able to control your company’s finances in a much simpler and more efficient way.

All features for financial management are integrated into the platform. So you have in one place access to:

  • Bills to pay
  • Accounts receivable
  • Cash flow
  • Bank reconciliation

In addition to integrating key financial control tools, the system will help you have accurate reporting of all information, without the need for spreadsheets or manual calculations.

2 – Manual Process Automation

With an integrated ERP management system, much of the manual work can be automated, including:

  • Sending recurring slips
  • Inventory reports
  • Financier reports
  • Sales report

But in addition to automating parts of the management process, the ERP system also helps optimize the execution of other tasks, such as issuing electronic invoices.

The system does not require the generation of manual invoices. And since sales information is directly integrated, the generated notes are automatically sent to the financial report.

3 – Reducing Paper, Printing and Storage Costs

Another great benefit of online business management software for e-security companies is that it reduces some costs, such as reducing paper costs and storing them.

The system does not need to manually fill in a lot of information such as:

  • Completing work orders
  • Filling in manual slips
  • Refilling financial reports
  • Inventory control worksheet update

This in itself already reduces the cost of printing multiple documents, and in some cases even the use of the handheld calculator can be waived as the system generates ready sales and commission reports.