Authorities In Canada Are Struggling To Seize All BTC Donations To Freedom Convoy Truckers

Authorities from Canada are reportedly attempting to block the entirety of the Bitcoin (BTC)-based donations for the truckers’ Freedom Convoy after they launched a protest against the mandates of the country regarding COVID-19-based vaccination. The reports point out that the government in Canada is doing substantial efforts to recover the majority of nearly $880,000 worth in crypto donations having been carried out to assist in the cause of Freedom Convoy.

In the previous month, the officials from the government as well as the local authorities appeared to be capable of shutting down the protest under the jurisdiction of Ottawa. Justin Trudeau – the Prime Minister of Canada – took the matter so seriously that he invoked the Emergencies Act throughout the country. The respective Act mentions that the authorities of Canada were allowed to put a stop to the bank accounts having any involvement with donations to the movement of Freedom Convoy.

As a reaction to this measure, a lot of criticism has been made by the worldwide crypto community. According to the Act, the persons involved in such donations would be considered terrorists and would be penalized accordingly. The respective people would even not be permitted to jobs within the country. Some people moved on to categorize the invocation of this Act as a sign of dictatorship which would spoil the image of the country globally.

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In addition to this, the officials were able to file a petition against GoFundMe (a crowdfunding venue) to give back $10M donated by them through it to the Freedom Convoy. Nevertheless, a straight success has not been gained by the authorities of Canada in blocking Bitcoin for Truckers (a fundraiser which collected crypto-based donations to assist the respective protest. The Supreme Court of Ontario has directed the possessors of multi-sig wallet (which comprises the donated BTC) to stop the respective funds, along with the rest of 122 crypto addresses.

It was reported earlier that 14.6 BTC out of the cumulative 20.7 Bitcoin had in advance been delivered to 101 diverse undetectable crypto wallets in advance of the directive given on the behalf of the Supreme Court.  One participant of the multi-sig wallet, Nicholas St. Louis – who has a Twitter account under the title “Nobody Caribou” – stated that the crypto funds’ transfer was carried out well ahead of the announcement of any legal pressures aiming at the donation group.