Aldo Mareci – Strong , Young and Trader

Today its an honor to interview mr. Aldo Mareci, who is known as a very successful trader with his friends who are known around the world.

Mr. Mareci, thank your for accepting our invitation for our interview.

I want to ask you, how do you feel to be a trader? We have been looking a lot of ads around social medias about traders talking about their life, but we have seen none for you just one very reserved person.


Thank you for the invitation, we have to be very correct very honest when we talk about this kind of invitation.

I believe that every person has his own character that is made by his life. There are traders that want to be known, there are traders that has more then those who are known.

Usually the smart traders invest their profits outside the market.

I didn’t know this, very good that you mentioned as there are some real facts here. What is your relation with your clients ?

It’s excellent and we try in any moment to support them although the times is different, we live in Europe, but we have clients from USA, Canada and other countries.

Does a trader has time for his friends ?

Of course there is time, but more time we have in Saturdays and Sundays as the markets are closed.

But usually there is time for the trader between the day.

So for love also ?

I believe that for anything you will find your time for anyone you love.

What wins you over at people ?

Sincerity and the truth i believe are the keys to make people more connected else they will live in illusion.

What you hate most at people?

Lies, manipulation and fake image just to approach. Also i don’t like people who are fake in the outside look.

How did you experience the Coronavirus and the Market?

I personally experienced well, and i pass it without any issue even that i think that there is more risk.

In market, there is on global insecurity, but for sure from this crisis many become multimillionaires.

You have the company IB Forex LTD, how’s going?

Very good and we are very proud and we believe that for some time we will have global success.

We have seen many traders with LV, Rolex watches, very expensive, what do you think about that?

Just unripe young boys, i usually laugh with them.

What flavor do you most like ?

Tom Ford Tobacco vanille. I like everything from Tom Ford .

Mind or Heart ?

Both, mind filters, heart receives and the body lives.

Very good quote, we think that for your age you are very mentally formed. We want to congratulate you because it was very king conversation as we wanted to know the life of a trader and how a trader thinks. It was a pleasure and we will for sure be in contact.

It is a honor to listen this words dear, although it is my first interview with a woman.

Thank you very much for the kind words and your time.

Please mr. Mareci, we hope for future interviews with you.