Advertising Tips on Google Ads to Get Positive Results

When a person is looking for something, a product, a service, a solution to a problem, goes to Google (often confused with the Internet itself) and types a few words. Among some global results, called ‘organic’, you get a list of ads that have something to do with what you’ve been looking for.

For small and medium business, Google Adwords advertising (รับทำโฆษณา Adwords, which is the term in Thai) can be an excellent and effective method of generating traffic to the website, presenting products and services, and ultimately getting sales.

In this article we will present some simple but essential tips that can help you get better results in Google Ads.

Advertising Tips on Google Ads to Get Positive Results

Google Ads is based on the intentions of users

The display of advertising on Google as a result of searches is the result of an intention expressed by the user.

A person uses the search engine to look for something. In exchange you get a list of organic results.

Ideally you will get one of the first positions in organic but this is often complex and can cost a lot more than holding some advertising ads.

Keywords? Sometimes less is more

Despite what we said in the previous point, use only keywords that are relevant to your campaign. Do not exaggerate.

You need to find the right keywords for your ad from a conversion perspective. Avoid tying your ad with any number of terms.

Get creative with keywords and ad text

If you’re in a sector where competition is high, you’re likely to have the idea of using text that turns out to be similar to many other similar ads.

This is also where you should use your potential audience as inspiration. Think about the purpose of these people, what they want to achieve with your product and service. Make the ad from there.