Action Refund Review – Should you Jump on the Bandwagon? ( are scammers)

Action Refund Review – Be Careful, It’s a SCAM!

One of the biggest innovations in this century was the advent of the internet because it brought about the existence of a digital world that no one could have imagined. While it has undoubtedly changed our lives for the better, the anonymity and freedom of the internet also come with its fair share of problems. Perhaps, the most prominent one is that of widespread criminal activities that are hard to monitor or control because there is no such regulation on the internet. It can grant a great deal of anonymity to people, which has certainly benefited these criminal actors in their goals.

Over the years, there have been different kinds of fraudulent schemes, scams and other such activities that have exploited unsuspecting people and left them high and dry. Some were conducted on a small scale, while others were massive and became quite notorious. Initially, people didn’t have much knowledge, but they began to understand and took precautions. The problem is that technology has advanced during this time and while it does provide us with tools to mitigate the risks, it also gives criminals the tools to conduct even better scams that are difficult to spot.

Again, the absence of proper regulatory authorities and rules has given these criminals the opportunity to get away with what they do. A lot of people out there have been scammed and while some do make a lot of fuss about it, there are also those who accept it quietly because they don’t think there is anything that can be done. For a long time, this was quite true and it just wasn’t possible for people to get back what they had lost. However, as things have changed, a new option has popped up that can be explored by people who don’t want to give up.

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Nowadays, you will come across scam recovery services that claim to assist people in recovering the funds they have lost to scams. When you are looking for help and find such a service, you would be more than eager to just jump on the bandwagon, so you can get started and hopefully get back what you have lost. But, this is where you have to do your due diligence because not all recovery services can be trusted either. Scammers have even used this as an opportunity to make more money off people because they know that people will be desperate and will be ready to do anything to make a recovery.

Action Refund is one of the services that claim to help in scam recovery and a quick study of their website can leave a strong impression. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that scammers have also wised up, so you cannot just accept what they tell you instead of verifying everything they are stating. This is exactly what you need to do in case of Action Refund as well because you will be giving them a big responsibility and you want to make sure that they are capable of handling it.

They have certainly made some big promises on their website of helping victims in recovering their money from different types of scams, but it is your job to judge if they fulfill their promises or not. When you do that, it will become obvious that Action Refund is not what they claim to be and are just another smart scam that’s designed to exploit people. How will you come to this conclusion? Check it out below:

  • There is no free consultation

In your first visit to Action Refund’s website, you will immediately discover that they are offering a free consultation to potential clients. This can often reassure people because only legitimate businesses would be willing to let anyone try out their services before they decide to use them for certain. It also indicates that the business is confident about what they do, so they don’t have a problem in offering a free consultation. Plus, it also provides an opportunity for the business and the client to see if they are comfortable with each other.

The only problem is that even though Action Refund does claim that they offer a free consultation, they don’t do so at all. To start with, they first want you to share your personal information with them like providing details such as your name, phone number, and email address and so on. Then, they expect you to share complete details of how you have been scammed. After doing so, you are required to wait while they assess and verify your information. If they decide to take your case, then you will get a consultation.

This means that if they don’t want to take your case, they will just keep your information and turn you away. It is a great way to steal your identity. Apart from that, if you go over Action Refund’s Privacy Policy, you are in for a rude shock because the policy clearly dictates that there is no free consultation whatsoever. They will charge you a commission for the consultation and this is before they will charge a fee for their services. They are blatantly lying to their clients in order to lure them on their platform, which makes Action Refund a scam.

  • They don’t explain the verification process

In order to use Action Refund’s services, you are first asked to provide your own information, along with information about the scam you have been a victim of. Then, the company claims it will verify all these details, which sounds reasonable. But, the question is how they will verify it? Scammers these days always have an exit plan in place so they have probably covered their tracks. This means it is difficult and even impossible in some cases for verifying that the scam existed in the first place.

Even if it is possible, the least Action Refund can do is provide their clients with details about it. Yet, you will find no such information given and you are just expected to accept that they are only doing verification and not using the information you have shared with them for any illegal activity or something of that ilk.

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  • They don’t talk about their team

According to the process Action Refund has outlined on their website, if they decide to take on your case after completing the verification process, you will be assigned a case manager who will handle your matter. Again, this is logical because no two cases are the same and it is best to let one person deal with it to ensure they can focus on it fully and it saves you from having to explain your case to others over and over again. However, the question is who will be handling your matter? What kind of experience and expertise do they have?

It is the norm for service-businesses to provide such information to their clients because the employees of the business are the ones who will be offering their services. Thus, clients want to know who they are dealing with. Action Refund should mention the achievements, background, experience and other details of their employees to reassure their clients that they are in safe hands. Again, you will be taken aback when you discover that they have done no such thing.

The company has not made any mention of their employees who will be handling your case and working on scam recovery for you. A genuine business will not make this mistake, especially when they know their clients have already been scammed and will have trust issues.

  • There is no client data

Anyone can make big claims and promises about what they can do, but if they really are capable, then they should be able to provide you with proof and evidence to back these up. Authentic and legitimate business usually take this route. Sure, they talk big, but they also make sure to attach evidence in order to show their clients that they are not just saying things and have actually done them. Evidence is of the utmost importance, especially where online businesses are concerned. Has Action Refund done anything of this sort? When you visit their website, you can easily find the claims they are making.

In order to back them up, they have provided a list of the amounts of money they have recovered from various scams for their clients. There are varying amounts, but they are undoubtedly impressive. The point of providing these figures is to show people that they can recover their lost money as well. That all sounds well and good, but where is the proof that they really did recover this money? There should be other information about the scam, when and how it happened and how much was recovered.

But, you will find no such information, which renders these figures useless. Anyone can simply write any amounts on their website and make big claims about it. If a company says that it has made a specific amount of profit, you would want to see their Income Statement to confirm, right? But, Action Refund expects you to just accept what they are saying and not ask for any evidence.

  • The customer testimonials are no good

If there is no evidence about a company’s accomplishments on their website, your next source of information should be the reviews left behind by their clients. Customers will obviously be upfront about their experience because they have no stake in the business whatsoever. The testimonials can also be valuable for businesses because they can help them in convincing others that they are authentic and capable of doing what they claim. Action Refund does have customer reviews and testimonials on their website, but they don’t really do any good.

When you go through these reviews, you will notice a couple of things. All of these testimonials talk about Action Refund and how good it is, but they don’t really mention any specific details that makes you think that they used the service. The reviews are vague and none of the people who have posted them have given any useful information that you couldn’t find on their website. This is usually the case in fake reviews. In addition, you will also notice that none of the reviewers have a photo on their account, which is definitely worrisome.

It is true that not everyone is comfortable in putting up pictures, but how is it possible that none of the company’s clients have done so? The chances are slim to none, which confirms that the reviews are fake. The only reason a business would need paid reviews is if it is not genuine.

  • The support issues

It is also routine for people to take a look at the kind of support they will be provided, should they opt for use a business’s services. In the case of Action Refund, support becomes even more important because they are dealing with a very sensitive issue and customers would want to stay in contact with them throughout it. In such situations, live chat support is a must, but you will not find this option at all on their website. They do provide phone numbers, but you can call them and discover that the numbers are not operational.

Likewise, the email address they have provided for support is also non-responsive, so there is essentially no support available. If you go over Action Refund’s FAQ section, you will discover that it has the classic signs of a scam. There are grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and other contradictory information that immediately tells you that this service is a scam and nothing more. It becomes obvious that they are not a legal or a professional business and their goal is to trap people in order to take advantage of them.

At the end of the day, you should bear in mind that it is not a good idea to jump on Action Refund’s bandwagon because it is a scam and cannot be trusted.