A Simplified Workflow To Officially Register A Business

Come up with a valid company name in the preparation stage. You should come up with a few possible and suitable company names. For example, a name cannot be a mix of Chinese characters and English words. A valid and proper name can either be in English, or in Chinese language. Name search: Make sure the names are not duplicated of any names that are already registered and in use. In the case when you cannot come up with a name that is eligible for registration, the agency should help you in this regard.

A Simplified Workflow To Officially Register A Business

If you are the only shareholder of the company, you can skip this part. If not, then you must figure out and arrange the shares distribution of each director appointed for the business (when it is a private limited company) for the Hong Kong company incorporation. Immediately after this, when you are working with a company setup agency on this process, you should start sending them documents copies including identification document (e.g. passports) of each director and each shareholder. Your agency will be responsible to verify the documents, and inform you any additional documents that are required.

Registration/application forms are prepared for you by the agency consultants. The forms will be sent to you through email. You are required to sign the forms, print them in A4 size paper, and have them returned to the agency who can continue to handle the next steps. Make sure your signatures go on to the correct areas of the form, or else your agency will unfortunately have to return it to you to re-sign.

If you happen to do the setup of your business through an online website, you should fill in the details on the website. Through the online website, the process would usually be shorter and simpler. This can be done in about one day, while the same process may take up to a few days without going through a website. Of course, you will have to go through much of this process all by yourself. Depending on the customer service availability of such a website, you may run into problems or uncertainty when filling in online forms, and you may want to talk directly to someone who can help you with your decisions. Normally, such website would have some customer support staffs available, but the live person may only be available during office hours.

After the agency has checked that everything is in place, your forms and documents will be submitted to the Companies Registry office. The result of the application would be known from the government office in about five business days. You will then be notified.