A Guide for How to return to Work after Your California Maternity Leave

California Maternity Leave is the most convenient thing ever for women who are expecting. However, after the leave, getting back to your professional routine can be a real challenge. We are helping you come over it with the following tips.

Embrace the Change

The more you prepare the better, it will help you to transit back in your daily life easily after the maternity leave.

  • The change of becoming a working mother is about being organized and well prepared. Make a to do list and take care of tasks between your work, home and your child.
  • Be careful, set an alarm to rise early for the first week after California Maternity Leave. This will give you enough time to take care of things between your schedule
  • Have a meeting with your boss before you discuss the job duties so you will know what to expect after the maternity leave



Keep it Together

When you return to your professional life, it will be hard for you to take care of your daily tasks as you used to. So mind the following:

  • Ask for help if you can’t settle in at your work Don’t shy away accepting it from your co-workers. There is a high probability that you are not at your full potential when you return to work after California Maternity Leave
  • If you hired a baby care giver, text or call her time to time to learn how your baby is doing
  • Come up with a few backup plans to deal with situations in which the caregiver doesn’t show up or your baby gets sick. Organize yourself all the way up

Stock up on the Essentials

You need to buy the following things to ease yourself:

  • Stock your desk with healthy snacks
  • Carry nursing pads with you all the time
  • Buy a breast pump if needed