6 Simple Forex Technical Analysis Tips

Technical analysis in forex trade is all about following the signs. It is not as easy as it sounds, however. Proper credence should be given to every tool, sign, and indicator in order to arrive at the desired outcomes. Most traders begin to trade with a forex demo program and then graduate to the real deal. This is a good strategy since it keeps the risks low and allows learners to internalize the core principles of the trade. Other forms of experience are definitely also needed in order to make a trader holistic. For guaranteed success, a few tips are necessary to carry along. Here are six great forex analysis tips you can use.

Identify the trends

Mapping trends is the first thing you should always do when carrying out a technical analysis. Doing this allows you to know exactly how the market is performing. This gives you a chance to deploy any methods that you might deem to be great. You should compile the data for monthly, weekly, and even annual trends in order to be in the best position for profit gains.

Recognize the warning signals

Recognizing the warning signs given by indicators is an invaluable part of forex trading. Indicators have clear signals that show when the market is:

When you see such signals on the indicators, you should never ignore them as they hold the key to successful trading.

Recognize confirmation signs

The best confirmation sign in the market is the volume. While price is great at showing the state of the market, the volume shows a confirmation of a trend. Volume always comes after the price signals and it can be used as a total authorization to make trades.


Identify support and resistance

Support and resistance is a core methodology in technical analysis. You must identify the support and resistance levels in order to know exactly when to buy and sell. Support and resistance generally comprise a series of highs and lows. In general, after resistance peaks, what follows is the support. The pullbacks thus become predictable and traders can be able to time their trades just before a reversal.

Identify the turns in the market

One of the best tools for showing market turns is an oscillator. Oscillators are extensively used in technical analysis to show extremities in the market. When the market has gone too low, it can only be expected to turn. Oscillators like the RSI are great for showing market turns within a specified scale. This allows traders to correctly identify turning points and make their trades accordingly.

Make use of lines

Finally, lines are extremely crucial in forex analysis. They are also very easy to use. Lines are used for separating areas on the chart where certain trends are not expected to cross. They can be used effectively for tracking lows and highs. When a low goes beyond a line, for instance, this can be an indicator of prices that have gone too low. The opposite trend is true for high prices. By identifying the highs and lows, selling and buying become much easier.

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