5 Ways to Spot Clarks Originals Desert Boots

If there’s one name to trust when it comes to outdoor shoes, then that would be Clarks Originals Desert Boots. These desert boots serve as the blueprint of all other outdoor boots that are now being used today, after serving as a pioneer in developing modern footwear styles.

Clarks Originals Desert Boots was first released to the public in 1950. It was originally designed to be worn by British officers during the Second World War, and afterwards it was made available for commercial purchase. The boots are distinct during their time because of their ankle height and the use of a crepe rubber sole, which was not yet known except in the bazaars of Cairo. Over the years, these boots became a favourite among users from across the globe, mainly due to its durability and capability to withstand changing environmental conditions.


So how do you spot Clarks Originals Desert Boots? Here are 5 ways:

  1. Check the emblem.

Clarks has its emblem embossed on both its insoles and outer soles. While the boots look plain on the outside, they have the brand’s distinct emblem on both the interiors and exteriors, and these are hard to miss.

Indeed there are a lot of imitation Desert Boots, and they either have the name Clarks printed (and this can be easily removed or erased over time) or have no name at all, despite the structure being the same as the authentic one.

  1. Look at the eyelets.

Authentic Desert Boots only have two pairs of eyelets. This is may be a small detail but this is at the same time a strong indicator that your boots are the Originals. There are imitation models that try to copy Clarks’ signature boots, but they often miss out on the eyelets. If in case you find shoes claiming to be the authentic Desert Boots but have more than two pairs of eyelets, then you might be looking at the wrong shoes.

  1. The type of leather.

Desert Boots use beeswax leather-a type of leather fabric that is around one-fourth inch thick has a smooth, waterproof exterior and a rough interior. Beeswax leather is not a common type of fabric, and only a few shoemakers use this for their designs.

What is great about beeswax leather is that it doesn’t easily tear apart or become brittle when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Even if it gets soaked in the rain its shape still stays sturdy and doesn’t produce wrinkles easily.

  1. Inspect the thick crepe sole.

Another striking feature of the Desert Boots is the crepe sole. The crepe sole is a thick rubber sole that is non-slippery, and is able to distribute the body weight evenly. The crepe sole is hard to imitate due to its solid design and structure, plus the material used to make the sole is likewise difficult to find.


When checking out Desert Boots, you may want to examine the soles and see how they are in terms of form, hardness, and flexibility. It is also recommended that you try the shoes on and feel how the soles land on the floor surface. If you feel the risk of slipping or tripping, then there is this possibility that you’re not wearing the authentic boots.

  1. Check out the boots only at Clarks Shoes retailers.

Lastly, if you want to get only the authentic Clarks Originals Desert Boots, then you have to visit its flagship stores. These are the only places where you can find desert boots that are not doubt “original,” since the stores get their supplies direct from the brand’s warehouses.

Sure, there are other retailers of Clarks Originals, but if you want to be sure you’re investing on the right desert boots, then the brand’s showrooms are the only places to go.