5 Clever Tips for SmartPhone Banking

Wait, isn’t smartphone banking itself smart? Yes, it is but nothing says you can’t take some precautionary steps for your best interests! Smartbanking is a good intuitive all being accounted for but you can make it even better if you play smart. Yes, avoid being naïve and you can literally save your own skin. How, let us show you with the following 5 clever tips.

  • Password Protect Your Device

Cell phones are lost and only 30% people care to lock theirs. Just a four digit password is enough, but for best protection, take it up to eight or wipe down the entire data. It’s better than letting someone else have it!

  • Avoid Public Wifi Networks

Don’t be naïve, your information is far more valuable than getting free internet. This is perhaps the stupidest thing you can do. It’s like giving your information like throwing brochures. So be smart!

  • Only Use Your Bank’s App

The bank will provide more capability, with some bonus content. So why not have it? It will also come with extra security measures and make sure other programs are not sharing your info to other sources.

  • Never Save the Log In Data

Never save it anywhere. Re-enter the log in details every time you conduct a transaction. This is not the convenient option but at least it will prevent the information from falling into the wrong hands. Saving these details is leaving the key to your front door at the knob.

  • Keep Up with Updates

You need to check your phone’s setting every now and them for the platform updates. The Smartphone Vendors will regularly fix the security holes thanks to the update. This can also save your device from getting hacked. Also, install the updates of bank app and other third party security software you use.