4 Tips To Being A Frugal Master

In times of crisis, being a frugal master at the grocery store is almost a juggler’s job. The good thing is that some tricks, such as planning the weekly menu, can avoid a break in the budget and follow your financial planning without so many scares. The following are tips for you to look at inflation and not spend your entire paycheck on home purchases.


1) Plan the weekly menu

Shopping becomes much easier (and inexpensive) when you know exactly what you will cook. This planning will be the basis of the shopping list – another key item to save at the grocery store – and will prevent you from buying more than you need.

2) Make a shopping list

Going without it to the supermarket is like throwing yourself into a world of temptations and not having guns to resist. It turns out that without planning we buy many items we do not need – and we always forget something that should get into the cart. The result appears in the box. So make a shopping list with everything you need to take, including the quantities. Check out your best deals organized in a simple way to make your life easier.

3) Do not go to the supermarket hungry

On an empty stomach, the desire is to put everything in the cart that appears ahead. Who confirms this is science: a study published in the official publication of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States pointed out that people have more consumer impulses when they are hungry – and this applies to all types of products, including food.

4) Make purchases on the right days

This may entail having to go to the supermarket several times a month, but we guarantee it is worth it. Most large networks offer deals on specific days of the week. For example, some dedicated the Wednesdays to let fruits, vegetables and vegetables cheaper. Drinks and meats are more salty on weekends.