Ntw Designs: Web Design Techniques to Boost


Ntw Designs ( http://www.ntwdesigns.com/ ) will be describing the best web techniques that boost satisfaction and user interaction on page. There are hundreds of millions of web searches daily by users around the world. These web users are use to browsing the net so much that they tend to naturally become very judgment when it comes to a websites landing page web design.

Ntw Designs

1- Creative Design Effects. Creative digital design effects will instantly boost satisfaction on the users end. Web users love curiosity on a web page. By further creating an interactive web design animation, that will lead to a much better satisfaction rate and user engagement on page.

2- Quality Performance. A website must have quality performance to impress web visitors. Websites that are much faster in terms of load speed are favored by web users.

3- Simple Menu. A websites menu is the primary navigation, therefore, a menu must be kept in a viewable location and with minimal effect.

4-Locatable Contact Box. The contact box is the main form of communication on a web page. Adding the contact on the landing page or on a separate contact page is always a requirement, but always remember to shield your email address behind the it to prevent any unwanted messages.

5-SSL Trust. SSL certificates are used to improve a websites security and prevent any website attacks. Users that see the green bar which notifies that a website is SSL secured, will ultimately feel even more trusting of the web page they they are on. The SSL certificate promotes protection and user trust.

How to find out that your techniques are working?

1-Google Analytics. Google analytics is an amazing free tool that instantly tracks visitors in real time. Aside from tracking, google analytics provides a detailed analysis of visitor statistics.

2-Alexa Rank. Alexa rank shows the rank of a website in comparison to all the websites that exist on the web. The lower the rank, the better it is for a companies online status.

3-Visitor Stay Time. The visitor stay time will prove if your web techniques are working or not. If visitors stay a long time on your web pages, this points out that there is success in your techniques

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